As you may know, there are a few things you should do every day to keep a healthy, attractive smile. For instance, you probably know that you need to remove food particles from your teeth. This is one reason dentist recommended brushing daily, but did you know that if you try to remove the food between your teeth with a brush, you’ll probably damage your gums? In other words, you’ll need to use something else to clean between your teeth.

For example, you may consider using a toothpick to food from between your teeth after eating. However, if you decide to use a toothpick, please be careful. If you aren’t careful with a toothpick, you could damage your gums or teeth. Furthermore, you could accidentally break your toothpick between your teeth, making it difficult to remove.

A water pick is another option you may consider, especially if you have very sensitive teeth. Fortunately, a water pick is typically gentler than floss but typically won’t cause your gums to bleed. If you have gum disease, you may want to use a water pick instead. While a water pick and a toothpick may be useful for removing food from between your teeth, please don’t forget the benefits dental floss can offer.

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