It’s not uncommon to experience persistent tooth pain, but many patients are unsure what steps to take to relieve their pain. First, you should never ignore dental pain, or else you are putting yourself at risk of increased discomfort and even the need for expensive dental work later on. If you have ongoing tooth pain, our dental team can provide you with helpful tips to receive the right treatment.

The initial step is to determine what causes a toothache, as this can range from irritated teeth and gums as a result of an object stuck in your teeth, or an underlying dental health problem such as cracked teeth, cavities, infection or gum disease. Knowing the source of your tooth pain will determine which type of treatment is needed.

We encourage you to contact Dr. [doctor_name] and our dental team at the first sign of a toothache so that we can provide prompt and conservative dental treatment and avoid the need for costly repairs. Our experienced dentist can identify the source of your discomfort and provide customized toothache treatment such as antibiotics, cleaning infection from the area, or arranging for root canal therapy.

If you can’t visit the dentist right away, you can still reduce your discomfort at home by cleaning your teeth to dislodge any stuck objects or applying a cool compress outside the area where your tooth is causing you trouble. To learn more about treating a toothache in [city], [state], please call [phone] today and schedule a time to speak with our dentist at [practice_name] about your options.