Due to the fact that gum disease is a progressive disease, you may want to start inspecting the health of the inner linings of your mouth to determine if the damage is already occurring. Gum disease –  also referred to as periodontal disease – comes with several symptoms and signs to alert you of its presence.

If you feel that your mouth has not yet received the care it needs, you will need to speak with our [dr_type] about any oral health risks that may be present for your smile. Oftentimes with gum disease, various gum tissue infections do arise, but they can be easily treated if caught in time. Never assume that your mouth is already cared for, as it is still your responsibility to expect all aspects of your oral health care and keep your mouth free of any potential health risks that can arise. Oftentimes with gum disease, various signs and symptoms will be present including bleeding gums, frequent bouts of halitosis, tooth recession, loose or separating teeth and pain when chewing. Furthermore, if you notice any abnormal swelling of your gums or have heightened tooth sensitivity, it could be linked to a gum tissue infection.

To schedule a gum disease treatment procedure at [practice_name] at our office in [city], [state], you can give us a call at [phone]. Dr. [doctor_name] and our team believe it’s never too late to start taking steps to a healthier you.