Christmas cookies, candy, and sugary tea can be tough on your teeth. Are there better Christmas treats for your dental health? We’ve got lots of suggestions — some that are good for your teeth! Here are our favorites.

Sugar-Free Treats

When you’re on the search for better Christmas treats, one of the first things you can start with is to look for sugar-free treats.

Sugar is often the main culprit in treats that are tough on your teeth. That’s because sugar feeds the bacteria that naturally occurs in your mouth. This produces an acid that can damage your teeth over time. Choosing sugar-free treats can help you to limit the amount of sugar your teeth are exposed to, protecting them from cavities.

Many traditional Christmas candies, like peppermint candy canes and cinnamon bears, come in sugar-free options that are easy to find in most stores that sell candy.

Homemade Treats

Another way to satisfy the need for better Christmas treats is to create them yourself! When you make treats at home, you can choose all the ingredients that go into them.

This means that you can reduce the amount of sugar they contain — or replace the sugar completely with an alternative sweetener! We love to make treats using xylitol as the sweetener because of the way it can benefit your teeth and help to prevent cavities.

Savory Treats

Opting for savory instead of sweet treats is another great option! Cheese and veggie pastries, spicy corn muffins, and stuffed apples, peppers, or mushrooms are just a few ideas!

The most important thing about Christmas treats is the memories you make while enjoying them with loved ones. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with fun, new holiday treats! You’re sure to find a few new traditions everyone will love — and make some wonderful memories along the way.

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